June 2017

How To Become Familiar With A New Sewing Machine

Getting another sewing machine is an energizing time, particularly when you are unpacking fresh out of the box sewing machines. Similarly as with all new sewing machines, it is vital to invest some energy finding out about its many capacities and components before taking a seat to begin on another venture. Things being what they are, how might you acquaint yourself with another unit? Follow the easy steps below and learn about that new machine in no time at [...]

May 2017

Maintaining your Industrial Sewing Machine

The exact opposite thing you need is for your sewing machine to break down. It doesn't make a difference whether you're operating a textile factory with numerous industrial sewing machines or one person on a domestic sewing machine, the bother and cost of repair or even a substitution sewing machine could be a noteworthy one. General modern sewing machine upkeep is fundamental to keep any business running easily and we've chosen to share a portion of the primary tips [...]

Stabilizer Basics

What is Stabilizer? While doing machine embroidery, most textures will require that you utilize stabilizer all together for the embroidery configuration to come out effectively. Stabilizer fills in as an foundation, supporting the texture while the embroidery machine lines out the outline. In the event that you don't utilize a stabilizer, you may encounter issues like texture contortion, puckers inside or around the plan, or lines "sinking" into the texture – just to give some examples! Despite the fact [...]

Sewing Process

The essential procedure of sewing includes securing of fabrics, leather, furs or comparative other adaptable materials with the assistance of needle and strings. Sewing is for the most part used to produce garments and home furniture. Indeed, sewing is one of the essential procedures in clothing making. The vast majority of such modern sewing is finished by industrial sewing machines. The cut pieces of a garment are generally tacked, or temporarily stitched at the initial stage. The complex [...]

April 2017

Novice’s Manual for Sewing with Industrial Machines

Modern machines are set up uniquely in contrast to home machines. With the last mentioned, the engine is incorporated with the machine head itself. The engines on industrials are independent, typically mounted to the underside of the table. This is valuable since you can change them out in the event that they turn sour. Industrial machines are more particular than home machines. Presumably the greatest confusion is that industrials are for heavier work like canvas and so forth [...]

March 2017

What is a Built-In Walking Foot Sewing Machine

So your energy for sewing in addition to some recently discovered spare time made you think. " I will begin a business sewing up some cowhide to make cases for the new iPad." Or "I adore creatures so why don't I make some novel pooch collars." Then will offer three of these a day on my site. So you went down to the cowhide shop and chose the material. You touched base back home, took out your household sewing [...]

Let’s Talk: Sewing machine recommendations

Shopping for a new machine can be a daunting task. But it’s good to know that there are others out there who have gone through the same thing and have come out the other end. And today one such person has shared their hunting process and what they got out of it. Of course it’s always a good idea to do your own research in case there are new options out there for your task, but knowing there is [...]

February 2017

The spirit of industrial design demands I learn to sew

This article shows that there is no wrong time to get into sewing, and you don’t have to start with the “basics”! Wanting to jump into sewing for things like car upholstery or furniture are not your typical places to start, but that doesn’t make it a wrong one either. Three ways I can think of to learn something new are go to school for it, get an apprenticeship or learn it from a book. Sure there are Instructables [...]

Industrial Sewing Machine Primer

If you are switching from a domestic machine to an industrial sewing machine, the options may seem intimidating. Don’t fret though, this is typically how people feel when making the switch. Knowing the differences and why those are the differences, you should feel better about making a decision. I've talked a lot about vintage portables in the last couple months, so today I'm going to switch things up a bit and weigh in on the extreme opposite end of [...]

What to Look for in a Vintage Sewing Machine Part 3

Buying vintage machines bring out a whole new beast of questions about which is best for which project. However, knowing what to look for and what you’re looking at is a good place to start. This 3 part series goes over parts of vintage machines, common myths, and various methods for which they can be used. Usually when people talk about presser feet, they're talking about the whole slew of feet types that accomplish different specialty functions like zipper feet, [...]