The Different Types of Industrial Sewing Machines: Stitch Types

Industrial and home sewing machines have a considerable measure of things similar to one another, however there is one thing that emerges as a fundamental differentiator between these two essential sorts of sewing machines, it would be the specialization perspective. CCArticle-Image-1

Home sewing machines regularly play out an assortment of stitches and patterns. Industrial sewing machines, then again, come in different models, each of which plays out a particular activity. Along these lines, it’s typical for a clothing producing office to possess a machine that exclusively does lockstitches, for instance, or a machine that just sews buttons. This office is probably going to have numerous other particular industrial sewing machines.

This assorted variety in industrial sewing machines comes because of the interest for quality. Specific sewing machines have a tendency to make stitches and patterns that are more refined and are of preferred quality over those made by home sewing machines. Execution is another imperative qualification amongst industrial and home sewing machines. Since the engines of industrial variations are altogether bigger and more hearty than those of home units, they can likewise keep running for much longer. The engines of industrial sewing machines are typically so vast that they are set underneath the tables whereupon the machine rests. Conversely, household sewing machines typically have engines appended to their bodies.

As quality and execution are the big reasons one might buy an industrial sewing machine, organizations are normally eager to spend a decent measure of assets just to have a total arrangement of the machines they require. When it comes to acquiring machines that perform different stitches, they usually have these four basic types of industrial sewing machines to choose from:

Lockstitch sewing machines – Lockstitch sewing machines deliver lockstitches, which are made when the upper string (from the spool on the top axle) and the lower string (from the bobbin) interlock or bend together as they go through the gap made by the needle. The stitch over the texture shows up the same length as those on the base.

One variation of the lockstitch sewing machine is the zigzag stitch sewing machine, which makes zigzag stitches rather than straight ones. Zigzag designed stitches can be exceptionally valuable for edging textures or for overcasting buttonholes, and in addition for sewing stretchy textures.


Overlock sewing machines – Overlock sewing machines are utilized to make overlock stitches, which are a progression of string circles that are normally sewn over the edge of the textures. Overlock stitches can likewise be utilized for trimming and seaming.

An overlock sewing machine regularly cuts the edge of the texture as it is being sewed. This is useful in light of the fact that the client will never again need to cut these frayed or uneven edges.


Chainstitch sewing machines – A chainstitch is made when the string is sent by needle down the texture and interloops with itself, along these lines shaping a “chain.” Most chainstitch sewing machines deliver chainstitches with only one string, while others make them with two strings.

20150701083220_12Coverstitch sewing machines – Coverstitch sewing machines are broadly utilized as a part of the sewing business. On the outer side of the texture, their twin needles deliver parallel lines of straight stitching. On the underside, their loopers deliver overlock or serge stitches. Coverstitches are exceptionally prevalent in clothing development. Check your shirts at home, and you’ll discover that a large portion of them, if not all, are fixed with coverstitches.

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    I like that you talk about how overlock sewing machines are generally used for overlock stitches but can also be used for trimming or seaming. I didn’t know that this machine is so versatile and that it could help save the step of trimming off the edges. Thanks for the post; my wife wants to get new sewing equipment and I think a machine like this could be a great addition to her collection.

    September 21, 2017 at 7:06 pm
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