Learning The Basic Parts Of An Industrial Sewing Machine

This article is for the individuals who are new to utilizing sewing machines. It is intended for novices who have basically no knowledge of these devices but want to begin to learn about them. Which means that if you have intermediate or advanced sewing machine knowledge, then you are probably going to be quite bored with it. That’s because today we are learning about the parts of a sewing machine.

The Power Switch (A)

A standout amongst the most critical […]

Industrial Sewing Machine Parts

Sewing machines come in a wide range of hues. Their shapes differ even more. The one constancy however is the parts that the machine is equipped with. A portion of the parts listed may not be situated in a similar place on your sewing machine, however, they are there.

Power switch

Almost all electric sewing machines, regardless of whether mechanical, electronic or mechanized, have a power switch. The power switch is frequently situated on the front or right half […]

Industrial Sewing Thread Sizes

Sewing isn’t as simple as taking a piece of thread and using it to stitch together different pieces of material, and if you work in producing industrial goods, you’ll understand the unique challenges that comes with industrial sewing. From choosing the right industrial sewing machine for every job, to using the right thread for your material and projects, there are a lot of things to consider.

Here at C&C Enterprises, we can help you pick the right industrial sewing machine […]

A Guide to Understanding Thread

Picking the right string for your venture begins with knowing the fundamental properties of string and the alternatives accessible to you. It can be overpowering when you understand the number of various sorts of string are out there. The secret to string choice is to pick the right weight/thickness, fiber, and complete for your venture. As a rule, All-Purpose Polyester functions admirably for most broad sewing ventures. Be that as it may, there are times when you may need […]

Modern Sewing Machine Threads

What is a sewing thread?
Sewing threads are yarns that are built and intended to go through a sewing machine quickly. They shape proficient stitches without breaking or getting to be noticeably contorted amid the existence of the item.
Sewing thread is an adaptable, little width yarn or strand generally treated with a surface covering, grease or both, expected to be utilized to fasten at least one bit of material or an item to a material.

Modern Sewing […]

Mechanical Innovations: the History of the Sewing Machine

Were you to list the innovations that have made the most impact over time, steel would likely be on that rundown. So would the lightbulb, medicines, the wheel, and, well, PCs and the web. In any case, where might the sewing machine fall on that rundown? Unless you’re a devoted sewer, odds are you presumably don’t think much about sewing machines.

Before the nineteenth century, a lot of individuals needed to consider sewing—it was a need. They didn’t have […]

Who Invented the Sewing Machine?

Few people will ever stop to think about how important the sewing machine has been to society. Before sewing machines were common, everything from a dress to a pair of shoes had to be hand stitched. Because hand stitching clothing items is such a tedious task, buying clothes was more expensive back in the day. After all, every dress, shirt or pair of pants had to be carefully made by hand.

Nowadays, industrial sewing machines make the production of clothes […]

The Sewing Machine A Revolution in Garments

The assembling of the Sewing Machine was an extremely steady and imaginative advancement that crossed over an excessive measure of time. By the year 1900 more than 20 million sewing machines a year were being delivered from industrial facilities everywhere throughout the world. No single creation was as excitedly acknowledged by individuals in all parts of the planet as the sewing machine.

The Sewing Machine A Revolution in Garments from CandCSewing

The Walking Foot– Optional or Necessary?

What is a Walking Foot?
A walking foot, additionally called a quilting foot, is an extra part on a sewing machine with feed dogs to control at least two layers of texture equally through your machine. It feeds the backing, batting and quilt top through the machine equally, and can be utilized to stitch delicate bends or to machine sew in the ditch. A walking foot likewise functions admirably for:

Straight-line quilting
Including a quilt binding
Quilting with minky or other […]