What is Stabilizer?

While doing machine embroidery, most textures will require that you utilize stabilizer all together for the embroidery plan to line out successfully. Stabilizer serves as an establishment, supporting the texture while the embroidery machine lines out the outline. In the event that you don’t utilize a stabilizer, you may encounter issues like texture contortion, puckers inside or around the outline, or join “sinking” into the texture – just to give some examples!

In spite of the fact that there […]

General Tips to Help Set Timing on Your Industrial Sewing Machine

Are you having trouble getting the timing on your industrial sewing machine just right? Check out this article on how to set your machine!
The timing on industrial sewing machines is essential to produce even stitches in the fabric of goods that your company produces. Different types of sewing machines need a different process to set the timing that corresponds to whether the unit does not have a shuttle, as in the case of looper machines, or has shuttles that […]

Industrial Sewing Thread Sizes Explained

Are you having trouble figuring out what thread to use for your industrial sewing machine? You don’t want to buy the wrong thread for your project. Luckily we have you covered with this article!

Thread size numbering can be explained utilizing several numbering systems, all of which are classified as either Direct or Indirect Count Systems. Tex and Denier would fall under the Direct system (weight of a fixed length), and Cotton Count the Indirect System (length of a […]

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

Do you need sewing machines for your business? While there are many brands of industrial sewing machines, you should be aiming the buy machines that will be durable, fast and perform well. You should also be comparing prices and considering what you’re getting for the price you pay with every option.

You Don’t Know Jack About Industrial Sewing Machines

You Don’t Know Jack About Industrial Sewing Machines

Often times sewing machine sellers will falsely advertise their used machines as industrial sewing machines. To ignorant buyers who haven’t looked into the difference between a domestic sewing machine and an industrial one, this can make the offer look more attractive. But in reality, many of the used machines sold as industrial ones, are only somewhat sturdier domestic sewing machines.

So what distinguishes an industrial machine from other ones? The […]

History Of The Industrial Sewing Machine

Long ago, sewing took a much longer time. Seams that can now be stitched in under a minute had to be slowly done by hand. As you can imagine, this took a lot longer time than stitching seams with a machine. Because of this slow process, clothing was made by a professional tailor or seamstress. All pieces of clothing were specially made for the person who would finally wear them. While this might sound quite luxurious, the truth is […]