Jack Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines are very different from domestic machines in the idea that they are made for a specific task and efficiency rather than being very versatile and knowing a little all sewing types. Here at C&C Enterprises we bring distributors Jack industrial sewing machines and parts while being ready to sew as soon as they are unboxed. In this article we are going to go over the machines we offer and what the general product use of these machines.


Button Hole/Sew

The function of a button hole machine is pretty straight forward. Our models JK-T1377, JK-1790, and JK-T781D all serve the function of applying and/or cutting button holes for products. Adding buttons can get tedious when dealing with large quantities of product.


A Chainstitch machine refers to the type of stitching it produces. A chain stitch is formed when the thread is sent by needle down the fabric and interloops with itself, thus forming a “chain.” This can be done with one or two threads depending on the machine. Jack Industrial sewing machine models JK-8560W-PL, JK-T9270, and JK-T9270-2PL are the chainstitch models we offer and the 2PL has a puller.


Another machine named after the stitch type it produces. Lockstitches are created when the upper thread and the lower thread twist together as they pass through the hole created by the needle. The stitches on top of the fabric appear the same as those on the bottom. We offer 4 lockstitch options from our Jack industrial sewing machine line: JK-5559WD-3, JK-58450D-405, JK-8995DYLN-4SS, and JK-A4 Lockstitch.

C&C Enterprises offers more than just these listed Jack industrial sewing machines so be sure to check out or website to see our products or be referred to a distributor. Are you interested in becoming a distributor for us? Give us a call and lean how to get started today!

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