Let an Industrial Sewing Machine Upgrade Your Sewing in 2018

Let an Industrial Sewing Machine Upgrade Your Sewing in 2018

Everyone has hobbies whether it be cooking, gardening, sewing, etc. Sewing is a great hobby that takes a lot of skill, patience, and practice to perfect. There are different styles, techniques, and tools such as an Industrial Sewing Machine for sewing. It is a hobby you can do on your own time, however, sewing is one of those hobbies which you can turn into a profession and earn money […]

Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Having the right equipment with your sewing machine can help make projects run more smoothly. Even if it’s possible to sew without certain equipment, the results you can expect to get when using the right tools for the job are usually better. This is especially true when it comes to using a walking foot sewing machine. The walking foot is specially made to help you create garments and pieces that look professional and neat. If you’re planning to mass […]

What is an Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Are you sure that you are utilizing the right sewing machine for your requirements? Is it accurate to say that you are endeavoring to stick 1/4″ thick canvas under your old family sewing machine? It’s hard to get the best results when working with the wrong equipment. Picking the correct sewing machine for heavy duty applications will spare you time and cash. One of the concealed jewels in the sewing machine industry is industrial walking foot sewing machines. These […]

Become Familiar with Industrial Sewing Machine Parts

There are lots of parts to an industrial sewing machine, and each machine is different, however they share a lot of similar components. Having a needle, feed dogs, bobbins, and a built-in table are all pretty common industrial sewing machine parts. While there are quite a few other parts, these tend to be the most common and most prevalent when becoming familiar with an industrial sewing machine.

You don’t need to know everything about every part of an industrial machine […]

Industrial Sewing Machine Parts

Sewing machines come in a wide range of hues. Their shapes differ even more. The one constancy however is the parts that the machine is equipped with. A portion of the parts listed may not be situated in a similar place on your sewing machine, however, they are there.

Power switch

Almost all electric sewing machines, regardless of whether mechanical, electronic or mechanized, have a power switch. The power switch is frequently situated on the front or right half […]

Who Invented the Sewing Machine?

Few people will ever stop to think about how important the sewing machine has been to society. Before sewing machines were common, everything from a dress to a pair of shoes had to be hand stitched. Because hand stitching clothing items is such a tedious task, buying clothes was more expensive back in the day. After all, every dress, shirt or pair of pants had to be carefully made by hand.

Nowadays, industrial sewing machines make the production of clothes […]

The Sewing Machine A Revolution in Garments

The assembling of the Sewing Machine was an extremely steady and imaginative advancement that crossed over an excessive measure of time. By the year 1900 more than 20 million sewing machines a year were being delivered from industrial facilities everywhere throughout the world. No single creation was as excitedly acknowledged by individuals in all parts of the planet as the sewing machine.

The Sewing Machine A Revolution in Garments from CandCSewing

The Walking Foot– Optional or Necessary?

What is a Walking Foot?
A walking foot, additionally called a quilting foot, is an extra part on a sewing machine with feed dogs to control at least two layers of texture equally through your machine. It feeds the backing, batting and quilt top through the machine equally, and can be utilized to stitch delicate bends or to machine sew in the ditch. A walking foot likewise functions admirably for:

Straight-line quilting
Including a quilt binding
Quilting with minky or other […]

Jack Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines are very different from domestic machines in the idea that they are made for a specific task and efficiency rather than being very versatile and knowing a little all sewing types. Here at C&C Enterprises we bring distributors Jack industrial sewing machines and parts while being ready to sew as soon as they are unboxed. In this article we are going to go over the machines we offer and what the general product use of these […]

How & When to Sew with a Walking Foot

All in all, a walking foot makes sewing thick layers simpler on the grounds that the presser foot resting on your texture moves (or walks) as well, alongside the feed dogs underneath. In principle, this implies the best layer will move at an indistinguishable speed from the base and center layers.
How & When to Sew with a Walking Foot from CandCSewing