Tips for Sewing Soft Toys

One of the most fun and rewarding sewing project that I have ever undertaken is sewing soft toys for my kids, relatives and friends. It is fun not just because of the myriads of colors and accessories used in crafting it, but also very rewarding when you see the smile it ultimately brings on some little one’s face. Not to mention the cute little product that finally emerges after the work. For all those who are looking to sew that cute bunny or teddy bear, here are some tips from my own experience.

Fabric decision:

There is no set govern with respect to the sort of fabric that can be utilized for making a delicate toy. You can blend and match distinctive fabrics and material as indicated by your creative ability to get the best result. For instance, for teddy bears, velvet is utilized for making the body and felt is utilized under the feet. Moreover, you can blend and match velvet, hide, tuft or whatever other material you think would look great on a delicate toy. Fake fur is regularly the material of decision for stuffed animals.


Whether you are hand sewing or machine sewing the toy, ensure that the stitches are sufficiently solid to withstand harsh use. Kids tend to jab their finger on any free line and haul out all the stuffing. So ensure that the stitches are short and even triple fasten if conceivable. Check whether your machine has this function. If not, then sew a straight line first and afterward sew over it two more times. Additionally put resources into great quality thread for sewing.


For delicate toys there are different stuffing choices accessible like polyester, cotton, bamboo, corn stuffing, fleece and fabric scrap. Whatever the kind of stuffing utilized, ensure that it is done immovably so that the toy in the long run does not leave shape. Give careful consideration to joints as they tend to tumble if not stuffed legitimately. Additionally, while stuffing ensure that you check the rear for any air bubbles, which may get to be hard to fill later on. The best stuffing, as I would see it, is polyester as it is lightweight and can be effectively washed.


The main thing that you see in a delicate toy is its face. Before sewing the eyes, put two round bits of fabric to locate the correct area where the eyes ought to be settled. Additionally, for nose and mouth, cut bits of material in triangle and oval shapes and place them on the face to locate the best match. Never forget to sew the facial features before stuffing and last sewing.

There are a great deal of fascinating patterns online for making delicate toys. Remembering the above basic tips will ensure that you sew accomplishment on your first endeavor.

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