What is an Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Are you sure that you are utilizing the right sewing machine for your requirements? Is it accurate to say that you are endeavoring to stick 1/4″ thick canvas under your old family sewing machine? It’s hard to get the best results when working with the wrong equipment. Picking the correct sewing machine for heavy duty applications will spare you time and cash. One of the concealed jewels in the sewing machine industry is industrial walking foot sewing machines. These industrial machines can push through numerous layers of thick texture. Throughout the years, these sewing machines have dropped quite a bit in cost. That is a win-win for sewing machine fans and organizations around the globe.


The Walking Foot is a unique looking foot that is intended to give an additional arrangement of feed dogs for the highest point of the texture being sewn. The foot can be big and bulky compared to others, and has an arm that appends to the needle bar. This additional bar changes the sewing machine to pull the top texture through the sewing machine at a similar rate it is pulling the bottom texture. This makes managing unusual fabrics more manageable. Coordinating plaids or particular outlines ends up being much easier. Knits flow through your machine without stretching. Fabrics like minky cloth don’t slide everywhere. Massive ventures like quilts walk together. There are such a large number of incredible points of interest when you are utilizing a walking foot sewing machine. One of them being the Higher Foot Lift. This is what makes the walking foot able to take on thick materials. Simply having the capacity to stick that additional 1-2mm of material under the presser foot can be a huge advantage.

Another enormous motivation to investigate getting your own walking foot sewing machine is the built in walking foot. This is the greatest advantage and distinction when looking at your general family machine. This build in walking foot equally encourages your material as it pulls your texture from the top point of the material. It works with your feed dogs which pull the base of the thick texture for simultaneous, even feeding! Try not to be tricked by walking foot connections, as they are more prone to breaking.

Another great advantage of a walking foot sewing machine is it can compare to a smaller sized industrial sewing machine. The engine is connected to the back of the machine-enabling you to haul the machine anyplace you need around your home or business.

These walking foot machines are likewise very sturdy. They are worked out of all cast iron and every one of the parts are totally metal. These parts will last you many, many years. It’s so vital to purchase quality, heavy duty parts- not cheap plastic gears and parts. These walking foot machines are made to last-period.

Walking foot machines aren’t typically sold in your neighborhood sewing and vacuum retail outlet. You’ll need to find a specialized dealer, C&C Enterprises can recommend someone for you if you need some help. Just make sure you at least get a 1 year parts warranty. That is about standard. Best of luck to you and all your sewing projects!

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