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About C and C Enterprise

C and C Enterprise has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1997. With just an S-10 pickup truck and a few dollars for an auction, Mark Cantrell had a vision to create a successful sewing machinery business. Over the years, we have grown our business to become a leading supplier of new machinery. Our growth has been fueled by our commitment to providing our dealers with the best tools and support to help them grow their businesses.

We have consistently expanded our facilities to include a full office space, showroom, build and repair shop, and 2 warehouses. As a dealer-only supplier, for new machinery, motors and parts, our focus is to provide our dealers with the best products and services, and help them succeed.

In 2013, we began phasing out of the used machinery business to focus on our core competency of new machinery. In 2016, we began focusing solely on dealer sales. This has allowed us to become even more specialized in our offerings and provide our dealers with even better support.

We are proud of our growth and success over the years. We owe it all to our loyal dealers who have supported us. Moving forward, we will continue to provide exceptional products and services, and build on the relationships we have established with our dealers.

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